We started companies ourselves so we know what it takes to start, manage and scale companies from the inside.

We select new companies as well as medium sized corporation with proof-of-concept technologies, assessing their market opportunity, business idea and management team.
The deal flow is generated by a network of incubators and industry professionals. MPA helps the target companies with capital, business model definition, extensive networking and exit strategy support.

We care for our clients' business as our own, they know we're in this together.


MPA Development is focused mainly on these specific business sectors:

  • Business

    Trough our partners located in several european countries, we can help new ventures and startup companies active in our strategic sectors to growth by providing services such as management training or office space, consulting, mentoring, prototype creation and financing.

    We act as a catalyst tool for early stage business, beeing also the liason between startups and potential stakeholders such as universities, regional, national and supra-national bodies and partners.

  • Pharma
    & Cosmetics

    In this sector our activities are focused to find, support and develop promising companies with large and substainable potential. Thanks to our deep knowlege of the industry, we can unlock partnerships, distribution channels and R&D support at european and global level.

  • Earth observation
    & Monitoring

    These activities are aimed to protecting environment and climate, citizens security, urban planning, development of energetic and electrical infrastructure, prevention of human and natural risks and, more generally earth control and monitoring.

    Our investments target both public and private customers, with the aim of creating technology platforms dynamic and flexible, able to satisfy both of these stakeholders, working on customizing the hardware and software solutions based on the same technology.


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